On to new markets

How to identify global growth opportunities and expand successfully

Are you looking for new customers abroad? Are you planning an expansion and want to conquer growth markets on other continents? Could an existing subsidiary abroad perform better? Do you no longer want to believe that international sales are difficult?

Panexio offers the right solutions to these questions. We possess years of experience in corporate development and the conquering of new markets. We know what questions to ask and details to look into in order to make your business grow successfully. From the first idea to operational excellence, we accompany and support you wherever internationalization takes you.

The journey begins …

Shaping corporate development successfully

We support companies in all stages of expansion into global markets – from the first growth idea to the successful establishment in the market.

Get to know Panexio and learn more about our professional expertise as well as our practical experience in and with growth markets.


Find answers to the most common questions about international business growth and consulting.

"The world is full of solutions"

Reinhard A. Pfefferkorn, BBA MA

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