The choice of location is the key question

In most industrial nations, it makes little difference where exactly a company is established. The main focus is on good transport links, internet availability and sufficiently well-trained employees. But this is a tricky point when you expand into other markets. Megacities like Beijing, of course, have a subway network, which is used mainly by lower-earning employees to get to work. However, the rapidly expanding city has led to extensively long commute times and also prevents the subway network from covering more remote areas. Many commuters therefore stay away from certain districts when looking for a job. This phenomenon is even more obvious in, for example, Sao Paulo, where residents, for safety reasons, do not even go to certain neighborhoods to seek work. If a new company settles down without taking a critical look at its choice of location, it might have difficulty finding staff. Moving the company is then often the only way out of this impasse. In Beijing, moving a company is not that easy because businesses are not allowed to settle down in every district. In practice, the accessibility of a subsidiary via an international airport is usually still ascertained, but unfortunately, they often forget other points. It is therefore even more true: keep your eyes open when choosing your location!

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